13 legit ways to make money as stay at home mom

13 Legit ways to Make Money as Stay at Home Mom

I became a mom in March of 2015 now this was my first kid I had been working up until the birth of my daughter and we did rely on this income now my husband he did bring in most of the income but the income I was making also really contributed and it was definitely a shock for us.

When I couldn’t work anymore unfortunately I didn’t qualify for maternity leave so I couldn’t get any income from that so because of this I have found a few ways that I’ve been able to bring in income as a stay-at-home mom and contribute to our financial goals.

Now one of the really tricky things about being a stay-at-home mom is that there really isn’t a lot of time to do extra things not only is money tight but time is also tight so you need to find ways that you can bring in money without having to devote a ton of time into something now I have a few ideas for you that will really optimize your time and optimize your income.

Buy and Sell

The first thing that I’ve done to bring in income is buy and sell so what I mean by buy and sell is you go on to Facebook marketplace or Craigslist or Kijiji whatever and you look for either free things or relatively cheap things that people are under selling and find the value in it.

13 legit ways to make money as stay at home mom

If you feel like you could probably sell that for a higher price buy it and then repost it at a higher price now some people might not totally agree with this but it’s something that has worked really well for me and really well for a couple of people that I know.

Now one of my friends that is really serious about buy and sell actually made ten thousand dollars one month by selling a really expensive piece of furniture that someone was majorly under selling there was one time that we got free chairs free vintage like antique chairs that were actually really cute we sold them for $100 each we made an insane profit off of these chairs now if you were to do this.

I definitely recommend staying within the furniture or kitchenware category people don’t usually buy info clothes but this could be a really great way to bring in a large chunk of change if you really get lucky with something.

Sell your stuff

Another thing that you can do is sell your stuff as a mom your kids and babies fly through stuff so quickly so with that you’re gonna end up with tons of stuff that you’re not using such as clothes baby swings baby toys just stuff that they grow out of really quickly now I know a lot of mums like to hold onto these stuff for future babies; but I personally don’t think that’s in tiredly necessary but to each his own for me.

I plan on having a good few more babies but for right now it’s just not worth it for me to hold on to things that are taking up space and making clutter in my life it also makes things really stressful to have things laying around all the time my daughter is seven months old now and she’s grown out of tons of clothes the baby swing lots of toys and I’ve sold all of those and I’ve made almost the amount of money that I initially spent on them.

So if you’re looking for a way to make money definitely consider it solving stuff that you don’t need it will also take a huge burden off of your mind having no clutter around the house.

Dog sitter /Dog walker

The great idea to optimizing your finances is this app called Rover if you a huge animal lover or if you just want a reason to get outside which a bucket align is really hard as a mom to just get outside that’s a nice to have a reason to so if you’re interested in that you can download an app pull Rover and become a dog sitter or a dog walker.

13 legit ways to make money as stay at home mom

From this app you can actually make a pretty decent income off of this you can make an average of about twelve dollars per a thirty minute walk or about sixty dollars per 30 minutes check in on a dog at someone’s house so you can totally consider that it can be a really great way for you to get out of the house and make money.

Resident Managing

One thing that has made a huge difference in my finances is we actually got a resident managing job right. Now as a resident manager we basically live in an apartment building and we take care of this apartment building we clean it twice weekly we do outdoor maintenance we fill vacant apartments we do showings we do move-in and move-out inspections and deal with maintenance requests.

13 legit ways to make money as stay at home mom

So this can get busy at times but it is totally worth the income we make we have about 22 units in our building and we bring in almost a thousand dollars a month just for doing our resident managing which has made a huge difference for us so if you can have a little look for a resident managing job and it can be really great for you.

Because you get to work from home you don’t have to leave to go to work you don’t have to find childcare for your kid you can pocket all of that money so if you can find a job like that definitely take it is a huge lifesaver.

Day home/Baby sit

Another really great idea is to open a day home now if that sounds a little bit daunting to you could always just watch one kid for example post an ad on Kijiji and advertise a day home you can totally watch a kid or two on top of however many kids you already have.

13 legit ways to make money as stay at home mom

I know that might be tricky but if you get a couple of really well-behaved kids it can be not that big of a sacrifice and you can actually pocket a lot of money from that now that’s also nice because you don’t have to leave your house you don’t have to find childcare for your own kids because you’re already watching them with a couple others so that could be a really great.

Open Etsy

Idea to bring in some more income now another thing to consider is if you have a hobby that you really enjoy doing that could be sellable now I’m sure you’ve probably heard of Etsy before it is basically a website where you can sell crafts and projects that you work on now I actually know a few women who are really successful on Etsy and bring in a lot of income from it.

So if you have a craft that you’re really good at or something that you’re good at making with your hands definitely consider selling it because a lot of people could buy it this is also a bonus because as a mom self-care is so important and it’s really important to have a hobby this like killing two birds with one stone you get to work on a hobby for yourself but also bring in extra money for your family.

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Youtuber or blogger

Now last but not least if you’re really diligent you can make money off of being a youtuber or a blogger now this obviously takes up a lot more time than you know something like rover or buy and sell or whatever.

Definitely not for everyone but if you’re already making blogging or youtubing a hobby be a little more diligent about it and maybe make it more of a job for yourself and you can actually make a lot of income with it so anyway that is basically all the ideas I have for you today if you have more ideas that you could share with me please leave them in the comments

Affiliate marketing

I truly believe this is a true definition of passive income streams so in case you don’t know what affiliate marketing is you’re basically promoting someone else’s product on your website and whoever lands on your website and ends up clicking through that link and purchasing the product that you’re promoting then you get a commission.

13 legit ways to make money as stay at home mom

So you’re not really the one that’s selling a product you’re just doing the promotion part of it and if somebody ends up purchasing then you make money as an example I make money with affiliate marketing with my blog there was a time and period when I decided to blog for about three months so for three months that’s all I focused on actually growing my blog driving traffic to my blog.

I believe I may have given up a little bit too quickly and that’s why I always say you might want to give it time to see the results but within those three months I did everything possible to learn about how to grow my blog traffic and how to make money blogging.

After three months even like after I have decided not to blog I was looking at my affiliate commission and I was surprised to see that making about thousand dollars per month from my blog with my affiliate marketing so, do believe that it’s a true passive income in a sense that you don’t really have to do much work as long as you keep going and keep driving traffic to your blog.

Then you can continue to make affiliate income as long as people are coming to your website and because I focus on growing my blog with Pinterest my pins are still circulating in pinterest world and as a result I still get traffic to my website and I still get clicks through on my affiliate links and I am still making money so what a great way for a stay-at-home mom.

E-commerce store

The another way you can make money from home as a stay-at-home mom is becoming an e-commerce store owner you can either sell on amazon or you can sell on etsy or shopify wherever the platform is you can make money selling products online and I say this not just because I’m an amazon store owner I also sell on shopify.

13 legit ways to make money as stay at home mom

I say this because everything can be done from home and you don’t always have to be there in order to make money by selling your products and especially if you’re going to start selling on amazon; does a lot of the heavy lifting for you and giving you the traffic they already have ready to buy buyers millions of buyers looking to buy products that you may want to sell.

I would say that you don’t really need that much money to actually start but you may need some time for you to actually start seeing the profits that you want to see in your business.

Because this is a product-based business so a lot of times you have to have products in order to sell in the future and if you want to grow your product based business you most likely have to reinvest back the money that you made into the business to buy more of your products so that you can sell more and make more money and that cycle does take time

Drop shipping

The way to make money without you really putting money up front is by doing drops hipping so drop shipping just means that without you owning inventory you are going to be selling products on behalf of the manufacturer or the supplier.

So you’re just doing the marketing and the supplier is doing all the shipping all the manufacturing of the products you’re just kind of the middlemen just doing the selling for them and they do all the fulfillment for you so you don’t really have that much risk up front.

The only risk is how well you’re going to run your ads in order to drive traffic to your store to get people to buy and so I do believe that there is a tremendous opportunity in doing drop shipping but if you have some passion for selling products or have an idea as to what type of product that you want to sell online.

I do believe that it’s probably going to be the best if you go with selling on amazon platform or on shopify platform and what’s really great about that model is that you can grow your product brand and ultimately in the future after you make money selling it online you can decide to sell your business to a third party and also make money.


Making money as a freelancer if you have specific skill set that you can offer as services and I believe that becoming a freelancer is a great way for you to make money online and there are many websites like upwork.com or freelancer.com where you can list yourself as a freelancer and even as a business owner that runs a shopify and amazon store business.

I can tell you that every time I need a contractor or a freelancer that i want to hire upwork is the one that i go to hire somebody for my team also I believe there has been an increase in demand or social media managers and also virtual assistants me myself as a business owner those two positions are the first ones that I’ve hired and I know so many other business owners that are looking to get help in that area.

Because it simply is too much for a business owner to manage all these social media accounts and also run a business at the same time so if you have a great understanding on how to increase engagement how to create content on the social media channels then I think this is a great opportunity for you to make that extra money while you’re working from home and taking care of the kids.


Becoming an influencer and I say this because as a brand owner I’m constantly looking for micro influencers that I can work with I’m looking for influencers that already has my audience that I can market my product to and I’m willing to pay them to have my product and on their content and so there’s so many other brands out there that are willing to utilize the influencers audience to market their product and willing to pay money to post content on influencers account.

13 legit ways to make money as stay at home mom

And so there’s so many different ways for you to utilize the audience that you have if you enjoy posting content on your social media account and you can not only just get brand sponsor you can also make money by doing affiliate marketing which is the number one easy method.

Digital products

Lastly one of the great ways to make money online as a stay-at-home mom is by selling digital products and this includes not just informational products such as ebook or pdf or courses it also includes things like printables or digital artwork or stock photos.

I do really love this model because the profit margin on digital products are really great because once you make it it’s kind of there forever for you to be able to sell it you never run out of inventory.

You just need to learn how to drive traffic to your products to be able to sell the one thing that I will mention though is if you’re selling informational products and people normally buy based on no like trust factor meaning they like to buy from people that they know and like and trust so you kind of need some marketing strategies to kind of build that trust for someone to buy your digital product.

At the end I hope this was helpful make sure to share your experience by commenting on the comments section


Hоw саn а stаy аt hоme mоm mаke legit mоney?

  1. Wаys tо mаke mоney аs а stаy-аt-hоme mоm
    1. Blоgger.
    2. Аuthоr.
    3. Рrооfreаder.
    4. Соntent writer.
    5. Reсiрe writer.
    6. Сорywriter.
    7. Ghоstwriter.
    8. Newsрарer соlumnist.

Hоw dо work from home mоms mаke mоney online in 2021?

  • Stаrt а Mоney Mаking Blоg
  • Mаke Mоney Рrооfreаding
  • Beсоme а Freelаnсe Writing
  • Beсоme а Virtuаl Аssistаnt
  • Sосiаl Mediа Mаrketing
  • Lосаl Business Mаrketing
  • Beсоme аn Оnline Tutоr
  • Рerfоrm Mаrket Reseаrсh.

Hоw саn I mаke mоney stаying аt hоme?

Use videо shаring рlаtfоrms like Yоutube. If yоu аre а writer оr blоgger, сreаte reаdershiр thrоugh blоgs оr рlаtfоrms like Medium. Yоu саn аlsо eаrn by сreаting соntent оn аn аssignment bаsis: bаke саkes, раint оn demаnd, оnline musiс сlаsses

Shоuld I quit my jоb аnd stаy hоme with my bаby?

The hаrd truth аbоut quitting yоur jоb tо stаy hоme with yоur kids when they’re yоung is thаt it will аffeсt yоur саreer. She suggests wоmen whо’ve sрent time аnd mоney оn their eduсаtiоn аnd building а саreer shоuld strоngly соnsider whаt they mаy be giving uр if they tаke time оut оf the wоrkfоrсe.

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