5 passive income tips to make money

5 passive income tips to make money | Passive income Generator

If you still can’t figure out; How to make passive income online? In this article we are going to discuss about what is passive income? How long it’s taken me to set up each income stream.

The passive income is simply means that you’re earning money for something for which you’ve already done the work, so you’re earning money without having to do anything. Isn’t it simple? According to my study, around 165000 people every month are looking for ways to create passive income online, and there are literally millions of videos and people talking about it and offering advise.

5 passive income tips to make money

So, why aren’t all the individuals who are looking for this getting results when they try it out for themselves? Most of the time, it’s because setting up an income stream that works for you requires more effort than you might imagine. So it is entirely possible; all you need to do is be prepared to put in the effort.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing it’s basically you promoting another brand a business or a product and you get your own specific link that you get to share with your audience and if anybody clicks through and makes a purchase you will get a cut of that sale now of course it depends which products and which businesses you are an affiliate for. Because sometimes you can get 10 percent 15to 20 or whatever it is. So I would say on average from all those four I make anywhere between 800 to 1 000 a month.

I started promoting these or including the links pretty much I would say maybe three or four months ago after I started my YouTube channel it hasn’t been that long and you guys can definitely do this now those that don’t really want to start a YouTube channel I would recommend you promote it on your Instagram account, Facebook, tick tock it really depends on where you’re active.

If you could create a blog of some sort where you can include all your links that would be a really beneficial for you as well just make sure that the products you recommend are actually products that you have tried and you stand by.

5 passive income tips to make money



Selling digital products

Selling digital things on your own website is another option on my list. I offer an etsy digital product workbook on my own website, but I basically pushed it on my channel in a few videos when I first launched it a few of months ago, and I’ve been able to sell somewhere between twenty and thirty copies. So, just from one digital workbook, I make roughly $300 each month on average.

I obviously don’t advertise it enough, but because I maintain the link in the description box of all my YouTube videos, it’s passive money for me. I don’t have to worry about it because I’ve already made the workbook and I believe I’ve only promoted it once or twice on Instagram.

Then I decided which digital product I wanted to sell. I polled my Instagram followers to see what kind of digital product they wanted from me, and I came up with ideas like Pinterest marketing, email marketing, and an Etsy digital product seller workbook, which received the most votes. As you can imagine, once I created it and promoted it, I had multiple sales.

Before you waste any time producing a digital product, make sure you survey your audience and understand exactly what they want from you. This way, you won’t launch it after a month or two of effort and hear crickets, so sell the idea before you start working on it.

Now, for that workbook, I made it about three months ago or so, and I’ve been able to generate anywhere between 300 and 350 a month, and it took me about two weeks to put together. If any of these ideas have struck a chord with you, let me know which one you’re going to try out first in the comments.

5 passive income tips to make money

Etsy digital downloads

Etsy digital downloads I ‘ve talked about etsy a few times on my channel and you guys seem to absolutely love it and to be quite honest I have not been focusing much on etsy in the last few months; because I’ve already set up my shop to a point that I managed to get daily sales and even if it’s slow. Then I will start to try to drive some more traffic but again because I already am happy with where my shop is at I’ve been trying to build up other income streams; so right now on average I make about 600 dollars a month off my etsy downloads.

Honestly all my printable are maybe 5 to 10 maximum 15 dollars so in order for me to increase that revenue I would have to bundle up some more of my best sellers and charge for more money and on top of that I would really have to focus on adding more listings in and promoting it more but again I kind of left it as is and I’m happy with this amount that I’m getting.

To give you an idea of how long this took me to set up, I opened my Etsy shop last year, so it’s been open for about a year now, and I didn’t make my first sale until maybe a month and a half or two months later. It takes time to get pushed in Etsy’s algorithm, and it takes time to gain authority in your specific niche. I know a lot of people get worried when they don’t see sales in their shop right immediately, but just give it time.


This Coaching that I will mention today is not passive income for me right now but it will be; so it is coaching I coached a group of students in the last couple of months which is what I was really busy doing and it generated the most revenue that I’ve been able to generate in one month of my business.

5 passive income tips to make money

And, if you’re thinking of developing a digital course that can provide you with passive income, I recommend starting with one-on-one or group coaching so that you can take the feedback from the individuals you’ve helped and bundle it into a digital course. This is going to get folks results, and I’m going to bundle my program into a digital course at some point.

I’m not making five figures or six figures off passive income every single month I’m just like you I’m just starting out I’m less than a year in and I just want to show you that it is 100% doable for you so if I can help in any way hopefully this article has given you some ideas to apply. Try it


How can I make $ 1000 a month as passive income?

  1. Establish a membership website
  2. Make a letter
  3. Create a Lead Generation for Business Website
  4. Be an affiliate in Amazon Affiliate Program
  5. Offer Niche Affiliate Opportunity for Sale
  6. Construct an Online Course
  7. Invest in real estate
  8. Run YouTube channel

How can I make $ 500 a month as passive income?

  • Be a Genuine Helper and Earn More Money
  • Work as a Visible Accountant from Home
  • Earn Money by Sharing Your Opinion While Watching Nextflix
  • Earn extra money by teaching
  • Increase Your Earnings by $ 500 Using Cash Back Apps and Credit Card Rewards
  • Make more money by selling on eBay.

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