5 tips to be a successful single mother by Susanna

5 tips to be a successful single mother by Susanna | Be A Successful Single Mother 

5 tips to be a successful single mother by Susanna is an article  I am going to share with you; Today it is common to talk about single parents and family problems and their disadvantages for children. This often leads single parents to think there is little they can do to succeed as a family.

Focusing on weaknesses and problems does not help single parents or their children to become stronger. Many mothers gain confidence in their ability to deal with their children’s challenges and become more determined and independent. Not all children who grow up in single-parent families have negative consequences, and not all overweight people have heart attacks.

5 tips to be a successful single mother by Susanna

Being a single mother does not mean you are destined

Being a single mother does not mean you are destined to be on welfare, to get free school meals, or to have your children living in their parents “basement. The transition from married life to single life will not be easy for you or your children. The first step is to believe yourself that your new life will be full of joyful riches.

There are millions and millions of single mothers who don’t give their finances the attention they deserve. Read on to learn how you can build an amazing life as a single mother, find love and raise happy children, including my own journey to build a business, income, savings, investments and wealth.

If you love your children with all your heart, there is much to look forward to as an individual when it comes to parenting, jobs and managing finances. For help and tips on how to stay organized, manage your financial issues, raise well-attended children and keep yourself happy, read on. All working parents face the challenge of achieving a work-life balance that meets their families “needs, and Katie is no different.

Motherhood is hard work

Motherhood is hard work, but with love, discretion and extra effort, single mothers can be successful parents. While many married women have the option of staying at home with their children, most single mothers do not and in most cases they work. So, when working mothers are at fault for not spending enough time with their child, single mothers often double that guilt as the child grows into a father, guilt they feel through no fault of their own.

Most women – 85 per cent of single parents and mothers – build incredible lives for themselves and their families. Despite scant positive media messages about what is possible, parents, their families, non-partners, and parents from all income levels can thrive in myriad ways.

Live the full romantic life you long for and deserve, but never be ashamed to be a part of your life because you are a parent. The most common form of housing for children in the US is a two-parent household, but some live in a home run by a single mother. When other parents live together, successful single parents encourage children to engage with them so that they do not pose a risk to the child.

Self-help groups for single mothers can provide an outlet to make new friends and find the support you miss in your efforts as a single parent. Try to search online or check with a local church or community center to find a support group.

Online groups for single mothers can help and provide extra support to provide the sense of community that you crave. One of the advantages of online self-help groups is that you have 24-hour access to ask questions and get advice if needed, without having to wait for your weekly or monthly meeting.

If you’re longing for an hour or two on your own – whether it’s a nap, a break from the kids, needing help at home or coping with a family problem – don’t be afraid to ask for help with the details of what you need, says Jane Mattes, a psychotherapist in New York City and the founder of Single Mothers Choice.

Strong single parents know that there are times when one has to go alone and that there are also times when one needs only one day to surround himself with others. In those moments when you’re not sure what to do in response to what your kids are doing, read these next tips on how to call a friend.

Before I became a single mother, I made ends meet with a job in a company, worked long hours, commuted for hours a day, and received less than a dollar a month in child benefits. Many of my own challenges had to do with constantly reading blogs about failed parents and hearing about the times I lost my job, had no food, had no money and was miserable. I saw my children, including one of my children who was struggling with autism and another who had mental health issues.

Here is the Tips How to be to be a successful single mother

I was a single mother when my son was locked up by a father for the first seven years of his life. I was not a single mother because I had no support for my children and my nearest family member was more than 100 miles away, but I was still a single mother and had to figure it out for myself.

I was a single mother who lost her job, a single mother who sometimes couldn’t pay the bills, and a single mother who sat and wondered if things could have been better. Many single mothers want a family, want to forgive and so I went back and forth with my father for the next few years while he was in prison. On the side, I got divorced, became a single mother and learned how to deal with a child on my own.

I have friends who are single mothers, whether through adoption, IVF, divorce or the premature death of a partner. I know how difficult parenting becomes when you do it alone. It is not easy to cope as a single mother and it is a struggle, but some women find a way. So I asked my single friends how they cope with multitasking, emotional stress and guilt, and they gave me their input on how to be a successful single mother.

I have not changed my notion about motherhood despite the added proven fact that it’s an especially fulfilling job. Along the way, I got a divorce and have become a single mother and learned everything about handling a child on their lonesome.

I have friends, who are single mothers through adoption, through IVF and a few through a divorce or the untimely death of a partner and that i know precisely how much harder parenting gets if you’re doing it alone.

It is challenging to cope being single mother especially if one could be a single mom struggling financially but women do find the simplest way. My single mom friends do an outstanding job i have to say. When I asked them how they manage the multi-tasking, the emotional strain, the guilt, they gave me their inputs on a way to be a successful single mother. I follow those diligently.

5 tips to be a successful single mother by Susanna

5 Tips To Be A Successful Single Mother

Do not hesitate to ask for help  : 5 tips to be a successful single mother by Susanna

You could be thinking a way to be single mother with no help? But the reality is typically you would like to ask for help and you must do this with none hesitation. A support system of friends and family helps single mother immensely. try and build up that support system and ask them for help whenever you’re overwhelmed.

If you would like to travel out together with your friends for a drink and unwind, don’t think you’re selfish. you would like me-time to function properly. Ask a cousin to babysit and don’t think a trillion times before making that decision for help.

Can a single mother raise a successful child? Motherhood is tough work, but amorously, discretion and a few extra effort single mothers are successful parents. Just follow our tips and be a good single mother.

 Never feel guilty  : 5 tips to be a successful single mother by Susanna

As such working moms have the guilt that they’re not spending enough time with their children, single mother often have the double guilt that the kid is growing up without the daddy (and this guilt they condole with no fault of their own).

As a result, they try to do everything to the simplest and sometimes fail miserably. Let’s face it; single mother aren’t supermoms and youngsters adjust quickly to situations, so there’s no reason to feel guilty about not having the ability to spend enough time, not having the ability to provide the most effective lifestyle, not taking them out for holidays they require and therefore the list goes on. Just enjoy your single mother-hood, and there’s no place for guilt there.

 Keep away gadgets  : 5 tips to be a successful single mother by Susanna

This is true for each relationship but more applicable to single mother and child relationship because you’re expected to relinquish all the eye. try to stay away from gadgets once you get home. Take the work call or an occasional message but don’t keep sticking to your gadget as if your life trusted that. this can be the way you’ll be able to do successful single parenting.

A good idea would be to switch off the mobile completely once you get home. Keep a landline and give the number to your close ones. Spend time along with your child just talking, cooking together or finishing the homework. Your child would be forever grateful to you for all the eye you give him or her, which would reflect on his academics and his success in later life.

Respect your Privacy   : 5 tips to be a successful single mother by Susanna

Single mothers say that since in a very single-parent home, the bond between the mother and also the child is incredibly strong, the kid often refuses to simply accept that the mother could have a non-public life beyond them.

So picking up the mobile to test out messages, answering phone calls or constantly asking, “Who are you reproof on the phone?” could become acceptable behaviors if not tackled properly.

The child must be taught the importance of privacy which includes manners like knocking on doors, not testing mom’s mobile or not barging in when she is within the room with a friend or relative. Single mothers may be in relationships as well. Children will must realize that and provides them that space.

Create boundaries along with your children  : 5 tips to be a successful single mother by Susanna

Boundaries are essential in every relationship. Be it an intimate relationship between two partners, relationship with in-laws or with friends, boundaries go an extended way in ensuring relationships stay healthy.

Discover the ability of saying “no” and kids might be manipulative and will arm-twist you by throwing tantrums, and you wish to understand how to not budge. If you’ll establish boundaries together with your children then rather than constantly coaxing and cajoling you for favours they might know from the beginning where to draw the road.

They would know what’s not possible and wouldn’t even raise it. Establishing boundaries help remark successful adults because in their adult relationships still they’d respect boundaries, and you’d pat yourself on your own back for being a successful single mother.

Harp on the importance of money  : 5 tips to be a successful single mother by Susanna

You can be a successful single mother if you’ll be able to make your child understand that your financial independence comes with plenty of hard work. Single mothers are often struggling financially and that they should teach their children to value money.

The money that’s earned can’t be thrown around a bit like that. If you’ll be able to make your child respect the paycheck that runs the household, half your job is completed. You are raising a child who would understand the worth of cash, would understand how savings and investments could take you far in life.


FAQ : 5 tips to be a successful single mother by Susanna

How do single mother survive financially

Planning for the unexpected is an important a part of the way to survive financially as a single mum. Put money aside monthly (you should ideally use 20% of your income for savings or any debt repayment). Only use your savings for emergencies. Always keep your emergency fund topped up.


How do single mom start over?

It is pretty challenging to start out anew as one parent, and that i highly recommend the following:

1. Make friends.

2. touch existing friends/family.

3. Prioritize your health.

4. Stop doing extra stuff that does not matter and only serves to worry you out


How can I be a good single mom?

  • To reduce stress in your single-parent family:
  • Show your love. Remember to praise your child
  • Create a routine. Structure — like regularly scheduled meals and bedtimes — helps your child know
  • Find quality child care
  • Set limits
  • Do not feel guilty
  • Make sure of yourself
  • Touch others
  • Stay positive

— Susanna Tips and Tricks

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