8 Tips to Make money from Instagram post

Make money through Instagram | Make money from Instagram post

Making money online and through online businesses is booming right now; more people than ever are looking for ways to make more money through some form of online business; that’s why I wanted to write this article about the various ways you can make money through Instagram or any other social media platform.

Instagram with 1 billion monthly active users as of June 2018, Instagram is a force to be reckoned with; while it began as a photo-sharing app, it has evolved into a business platform with millions of entrepreneurs making more money from its power of selling, starting from service providers to non-profits to drop-shipping and e-commerce business owners.

You might be wondering how people make money on Instagram; whether you’re searching for new stream of income or just want to add another source of income, Instagram is a great place to start. I’m going to show you a couple different ways to generate money on Instagram.

Is it possible to make money on Instagram?

Absolutely, as long as you have some stunning and original photographs to utilize, you can capture the attention of Instagram’s millions of users. Now, you may be thinking, “I get it, it’s doable, but where do I begin?” yes you can; in this article I have given a list of ideas so that every one can make money through Instagram.

But here’s the thing: all of these ways to make money on social media or Instagram require one thing: an audience; so that’s why I’m going to teach you how to build that audience if you’re a coach, a consultant, or a solopreneur. I’m going to teach you how to get that visibility, that reach, that you need for your business and generate more leads and income, creating consistent cash flow.

8 Tips to Make money from Instagram post

How much money can I make on Instagram?

1) Sponsored post : Make money from Instagram post

Focus on sponsored posts for companies looking to reach out to your audience., since you are the ideal platform for doing so. Become an affiliate and make money by selling things from other brands. Sell your own things, which might be real or digital, or even a service; basically, you can sell in the same way that you would in an ecommerce environment, and sell your pictures; Instagram users are always seeking for new ways to make money.

2) Become an influencer : Make money from Instagram post

8 Tips to Make money from Instagram post

If you become an influencer in social media then you can Make money from sponsored posts. If you can achieve coveted influencer status, you can use your Instagram profile to promote all kinds of products from all kinds of brands.

If you’re not familiar with the term, an influencer is someone who has built a reputation and loyal following by sharing regularly on their social media accounts. They have a large following and can persuade their audiences to buy certain products.

Brands often partner with influencers to do sponsored posts that help spread the word about their products because they’ve spent a lot of time building trust and relationships with their audience. To get to this point, you’ll need a large Instagram account with a lot of followers, as well as regular posts that generate a lot of engagement from your followers.

Top influencers are making thousands of dollars per sponsored post. Keep in mind that it takes a long time, a lot of hard work, and a lot of talent to get to this point.

It is attainable, but make sure you manage your expectations if you choose this path as an influencer, It is very important you to understand your audience first; you must understand who those people are, their interests, values, needs, and wants so you can determine which brands would be the best fit for them.

If you’ve switched to an Instagram business account, you can dig a little deeper into your audience stats in your Instagram analytics report. If you’ve built a notable online presence, big brands will likely reach out to you; make a concerted effort to reach an agreement.

As an added bonus, you may put yourself on an influencer marketplace to boost your chances of being discovered by a major company. In the process of making money from sponsored posts, be careful not to lose the confidence of your existing readership. It’s usually a good idea to include an Instagram hashtag that indicates that the post is sponsored.

How to Increase the numbers of your audience in Instagram?

Because I run my own internet business, I’m constantly looking for new ways to increase my revenue streams and ensuring that I’m employing all of them are you able to confidently check off all five?

8 Tips to Make money from Instagram post

3) Affiliate Marketing : Make money from Instagram post

Affiliate marketing is really where you are an affiliate of the brand and you offer a link; so this one is we’re well rehearsed with this one we’ve seen it all the time a lot of influencers are utilizing affiliate marketing where it’s like all about sharing a link and how this works to actually make money is that if somebody utilizes and uses the link that you provided, you will get a commission usually like 10% or whatever it is that brand has given you for any sales that come through your link.

4) Sponsorship : Make money from Instagram post

The second one is sponsorship, which is very common on YouTube and, let’s be honest, it’s very common on Instagram as well, where a brand will sponsor a post; meaning that if you make this post and advertise about the product or whatever it is they will give you money for that post and the amount that is paid is really up to you; as the brand or the business you will get to set your standard as far as how much a story is worth..

Now a thing to be aware is usually there’s a period of time before that actually gets sent to you and it’s usually about 60 to 90 days; so meaning if I was to say make a video today on my youtube channel saying and this person sponsored my video; it’s not until 90 days after that video came live that I’ll get paid on that; so that is one thing with sponsorships that you can do.

5) Services : Make money from Instagram post

The third one is services, so offering some form of services to your audience and this can be anything like coaching or time for money type of service where you’re doing something for somebody; that they’re paying for, now this can be anything like being a makeup artist or a video editor those are two things that I have.

As far as services go or it can just be perhaps a really good one a really good introduction into the online business through services is, being somebody’s virtual assistant; a virtual assistant really kind of gets their hands in everything and really all you’re being is somebody’s right hand just helping them get their tasks done so perhaps it might be.

I’m trying to set up an email sequence and I just need somebody to set it up for me and your virtual assistant can do that so it’s really leveraging your time by getting more than just yourself doing the work.

6) Courses : Make money from Instagram post

The fourth one is courses; this is a hot commodity right now for good reason, and courses really just provide students with a learning experience and something that they can learn and implement whether that’s implementing into a business, implementing into their life; whatever it is, you can have business to consumer style courses, and the thing about courses from the standpoint of utilizing that as a business is that it’s a way of leveraging your time.

In contrast to coaching services, where you typically trade time for that client, on a one-to-one basis, let’s say I give my client one hour, because we have many hours in our day that we can give to our customer.

You’re still limiting the amount of money you can make with courses because you can create a course that someone says buys and then they go ahead and do it on their own and learn the material but you’re not actively doing that you’re not actively inside the course teaching them going on calls and doing those kinds of things.

7) Membership : Make money from Instagram post

Along with courses, memberships are becoming increasingly popular. The reason for this is that, when comparing courses to memberships, courses are typically a higher ticket item, whereas memberships are typically a lower ticket item; for example, Netflix 14$ a month or whatever it is compared to going to a movie that’s not even a good example but with a membership you get access to exclusive material and it’s usually just like a group coaching.

There’s a monthly drop to it where you just go in and you take what you want ; running it as a business, one thing to consider is that courses can be offered for a higher investment, which also means that you’ll have to have a really tight launch and sales to that course; where memberships can still have a really tight launch and the sales behind it all can be phenomenal; memberships you’re not going to get a whole lot of accountability to them because it’s a lower ticket item.

If I invest a thousand dollars into a course versus 27 dollars, if I don’t do the work, I’m only out 27 dollars, whereas if I don’t do the work, I’m out a thousand dollars, and so that’s probably going to hold me much more accountable versus 27 dollars. Now keep in mind the big thing with membership it sounds wonderful sounds simple, but you need to have an audience or else it’s a complete waste of your time.


8) Network Marketing : Make money from Instagram post 

Creating a stream of income through some kind of form of online business is through network marketing; now network marketing is one of those things that people kind of will skim or kind of depends on where you’re at as far as your mindset.

Here’s the thing about network marketing: it’s the leverage ability that makes it very important for you to understand, especially if you’re already an online business owner, because as you’re building your credibility and audience, you’re also building your influence. When we think of influence, we think of an influencer like a swipe up and brands and photo shoots and all these things.

8 Tips to Make money from Instagram post

People will trust your opinion when you have a product or a business opportunity, and from your perspective, it’s just leveraging more of your time and resources to make an income. Another advantage of network marketing is that it is usually low risk and low investment to get started. If you don’t have an audience to do brand sponsorships or anything like that in network marketing, this is a great place to start.

To be honest, I don’t really run my network marketing business because this is my priority, building my stop the scroll community here and my marketing agency, whereas my network marketing business I still technically have it; I still get paid for it, but as a business owner, that’s a really smart way to do things. If I was thinking about how I might maximize my income streams and revenue sources, those are the few ideas that you can also try it and make money online.

Let me know in the comments if you have all of these, if you’re working on getting all of them, and which ones you currently have from this list. Being able to offer something to someone else is another benefit of building your audience. It will help you as a business owner understand people better, understand your niche, ideal clients, audience, target audience, and truly understand what they may need, what they’re missing, and how you can help.

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