5 Home based business ideas for single mom

5 Home based business ideas for single mom

These are just some of the jobs that I’ve had in my life. And why did I decide to leave those jobs and become my own boss? Because those jobs sucked. That’s why I wanted to help you out and give you some home-based business ideas that don’t suck. Because the last thing you want is to start your own business and your business sucks. Now you’re the owner of a sucky company.

You would make 500$ a day 3500$ dollars a week and fourteen thousand dollars a month I mean it’s good money. A friend came over to visit and she asked me why I make so many side hustle ideas for women how to make money online and how to make money from home and I was like; because I want her to know she has options and I was talking about you.

How much money we women can make on the internet these days I mean with number six I’m not talking about making four figures or five figures with I’m talking about making six figures yes a hundred thousand dollars and above I’m just so pumped to get into it.

Home based business ideas for single mom  : Affiliate Marketing

the first home-based business idea that does not suck is affiliate marketing. you can make an entire business from affiliate marketing. If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing, it’s when you suggest a product or service to people.

And when people either click on the URL or if they buy something from that company, depending on what the agreement is, then you can earn some money for referring people to that business.

But one word of advice. If you’re going to do affiliate marketing, just make sure it’s a company or product that you actually like or that you actually believe in. Because if you send people over to a less value product or service, they are going to remember that and they are not going to trust you in the future. So just make sure that when you are posting affiliate links that these are things that you actually like. How do I get into affiliate marketing?

I did an entire blog post of the best affiliate marketing companies that you can join as a beginner where you can earn a lot of money. And I’m talking about $75, $100, over $200 for referring people to purchase a product.

Affiliate marketing definitely does not suck, especially since you can make your own hours and you can choose when and how you refer people to those products.

Home based business ideas for single mom  : Blogging

And the next idea is blogging. Yes, blogging is a business. There are plenty of people that make a full-time income from blogging. And blogging is yet again something that I do. As a matter of fact, this is my blog right here. Best way to make money online – Financial Freedom

I have been blogging since 2019 and I actually blogged before I started my YouTube channel. And the thing about blogging that a lot of people don’t realize is there are a bunch of ways that you can make money.

And no, this job this not suck. And to me, one of the main reasons why blogging does not suck is because you have so many opportunities that open up where you when you have a successful blog. For some reason, I feel like you get more respect as a blogger than you do as a YouTube creator. But it could just be me, but I get way more from my blog than I do on YouTube.

But when it comes to blogging, there are multiple ways where you can make money, and the main way is to get ads put on your website. So if you’re starting out, you might want to look into Google AdSense. But once you get more traction on your blog and you start to grow and get more visitors and page views, then you can start going to ad networks.

And not only that, but they also help me with business opportunities, with business growth. I’ve done a whole bunch of events with them. Like I’m telling you, they make you feel like a queen over there. So opportunities can open up at every level. But another way that you can earn with blogging, the biggest moneymaker on my blog, is affiliate marketing.

When you’re doing your blog posts, make sure you’re putting affiliate links in there to send people over to products and services that you highly believe in, not just throwing some willy nilly stuff up there. But if you’re wondering how do you get started with blogging?

Then you definitely want to start with a web host. The host is basically the land that your blog is going to sit on. Just like when you buy a house, you need to pay for some land for that house to sit on. So the host that I recommend is Hostgator I mentioned it a little earlier, You can start a blog for as little as $2.95 a month with Hostgator.

Home based business ideas for single mom  : YouTube Channel

Let’s get into the next home-based business idea that does not suck. Now, another home-based business idea that does not suck is starting a YouTube channel. That’s right. There are plenty of people that have a home-based business around a YouTube channel. So you can use your YouTube channel in a variety of ways. For me, my blog came first, so I used my YouTube channel to bring more people over to my blog.

Eventually, YouTube became the primary platform for me, and now the blog is secondary. But if you have a t-shirt business, you can go ahead and create a YouTube channel and let people know about your products. You can create short videos of you creating your products or designing your product or packaging your product and put that on YouTube Shorts.

Because people are interested in that kind of stuff, but I know what you’re thinking. You’re like, Okay, but if I started to channel, I’m not going to make money right away. Yeah, you’re kind of right. But there are other ways to make money on YouTube other than the YouTube ad revenue.

As we all know, you need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months in order to get monetized on YouTube. And then you’ll start getting paid the ad revenue through Google AdSense. But if you’re not there yet, no worries. Still put videos out. That’s the first thing. You have to create videos. Because first of all, if you look at like any creator’s videos, all of our early videos are stinkers.

You got to get that out of your system. So get those videos out, get used to recording. And if you’re worried about the whole equipment thing, don’t worry about it because you can build up as you go along, just like I did.

But if you are interested in cheap equipment to start a YouTube channel, I actually have a blog post on that, so I’ll make sure I link that down below as well so you can check it out. But also, the biggest moneymakers for a lot of YouTube creators are the affiliate links below our videos.

So that’s why I encourage people to click my links instead of going directly to the website because it benefits me and it helps keep this channel going so that I can keep bringing you great content. We’re here, right? You understand? But yeah, affiliate links can make you quite a bit of money on your YouTube channel even without being monetized.

And then when you build up and do get more subscribers and get monetized, then you’ll start seeing the bigger things come in, such as the brand deal. Then, you know, just the good stuff. But I want to hear from you.

Let me know in the comments. Is there a home-based business idea that you have that you’ve been wanting to start? And if you do have a YouTube channel, please let me know in the comments. And basically, you’re letting the world know. So I know a lot of creators don’t want people to do that, putting their YouTube channels in the comments.

I encourage it here, so please do. If you have a YouTube channel, let me know in the comments. I am subscribed to a lot of people that are subscribed to me and I don’t announce it or anything.

People get shocked like, oh my gosh, like you subscribed. Yeah, like if I like a channel, I’m going to subscribe. So please let me and the whole family know about your YouTube channel or podcasts or other business ideas that you have or a business that you are actually running. Then let us know in the comments on that.

Home based business ideas for single mom  : Social Media Management

It’s to get older people’s businesses onto the internet and get paid for it if you’re a millennial woman or a gen z woman chances are you know your way around the streets of social media but older people sometimes do not they’re the ones who have the money to pay for social media management.

At the same time they would find your skills valuable because they don’t understand it so here’s what you need to do go on to google map and search for local businesses in your area and find the ones who do not have a social media presence and reach out to them to set up a meeting pitch yourself to them help them with getting online and give them your rates show up to the meeting as the professional that you are and collect the bad.

number three is to become an online tutor it’s a really convenient side hustle if you’re someone who already enjoys a subject matter you can teach math if you’re good at it you can teach accounting there are a couple of websites that help with this and some of them pay as much as 25 an hour if you’re interested in these types of side hustles go and check it out.

Home based business ideas for single mom  : Taskrabbit.com

A website called taskrabbit.com you go on there you sign up for whatever tasks you know how to do it could be doing dishes it could be helping someone organize their wardrobe whatever it is you know how to do someone’s willing to pay for it and people pay as much as a 50 $ a 100 dollars for some of these tasks imagine if you did five of these 100 tasks in a day you would make five hundred dollars a day it’s good money.

Home based business ideas for single mom  : TikTok

As already know the e-commerce game has changed tick tock has partnered with shopify and I know someone who made 90000 in one week because of a trend. Now trendy videos on tick tock are no longer just trendy videos sometimes in these trends they talk about food.

Sometimes they talk about hair accessories what you can do to secure your bag is to make a tick tock account connect it to shopify and sell the products in the trends so they’re buying all these things that they don’t need just because they want to try out these trends and the smart people are out there selling these things to them right there on tick tock and securing the bag.

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