How to make extra cash $1 within 10 minutes

How to make extra cash $1 within 10 minutes from home for free

Introduction :

If you’re seeking for easy methods to make money online for free, you’ve probably heard about TimeBucks. Is TimeBucks a legitimate site that can help you earn some additional cash, or is it a rip-off that will waste your time?

I thoroughly tested the platform and have been a member for several months. As a result, I am confident that it is secure and pays. This does not, however, imply that it is the best option for you.

In this TimeBucks site, I’ll go over everything there is to know about the site, including what to expect, what to avoid, and my personal experiences with it, as well as show you some TimeBucks tips to help you get the most out of it. After reading this, you will be able to determine whether it is worthwhile for you to join or whether you would be better off spending your time on other sites.

What is TimeBucks and How does it works?

TimeBucks is an online reward system that allows you to earn money in a variety of ways. A GPT (get-paid-to) site is another name for this type of website. It, like all legitimate GPT sites, is entirely free to join and use. It is controlled by Australian Clearing Pty Ltd, but it is still available globally; we’ll go through availability in more detail later.

Many of the offerings are identical to those found on other paid survey sites and online reward portals, but it does include a few features that I haven’t seen on other sites. What you’re looking for will determine if they are amazing chances or diversions. One thing to keep in mind is that TimeBucks is constantly evolving and adding new ways to earn money. When they discover that an approach isn’t working out, they sometimes eliminate it.

So, even though I strive to keep it up to date, there may be even more alternatives than what you see here. But first, let’s take a look at everything the site has to offer, one by one, to determine if it’s worth paying for you:

What are the opputunities that TimeBucks offers?

Make Extra Cash by Paid surveys:

TimeBucks has a good selection of paid surveys. The majority of surveys are available through survey routers or offer barriers. The beautiful thing about this is that there are surveys available in almost every country. The downsides include the fact that finding surveys that you qualify for can take some time.

You can see, for example, that doing a survey through Your Survey earns you $0.875. These surveys are available on a variety of GPT sites, but this is one of the biggest payouts you’ll find for them.

make extra cash
Make extra cash by Paid Survey

Make Extra Cash by Watch videos:

In the video part of TimeBucks, there are a few different ways to earn by watching videos.

One of them is similar to most other GPT sites in that you must watch three videos plus advertisements within a specific topic. They also have short independent videos for which you will be compensated after viewing a particular number of seconds.

Make Extra Cash by Offerwalls:

There is an offerwall section with a variety of offers to choose from. This might include getting paid to download apps, sign up for a website, or test a product for free, among other things.

Some of these deals are extremely lucrative. Most of them are also available through other survey sites like as PrizeRebel or ySense, so if you prefer to use one of these sites in general, you’ll most likely find the offers there as well.

make extra cash
Make extra cash by offerwall

Make Extra Cash by Solve captchas

However, as of the time of writing this review, the captcha assignments are no longer available within Timebucks. However, I wanted to include it here because I frequently receive queries about it and how to access the captcha challenges.

Make Extra Cash by Daily contest:

Every day, the top five Timebucks earners will be rewarded with extra money. The first place prize is $20, with the fifth place prize being $1.

And because earning enough to be at the top isn’t difficult, this might be a terrific way to earn a hefty bonus.

make extra cash

Make Extra Cash by Content options:

Within Timebucks, the content tab provides access to a variety of earning options.
Earn money by clicking small adverts and viewing a website for a set amount of time. It might also be like TimeBucks’ Facebook page, among other things.

You can watch slideshows and get paid for watching 10 pages of a slideshow. This may be pretty fun, as there are some fantastic slideshows available, such as the most bizarre pet photographs, the best MMA battles, stunning celebrity trivia, the worst tattoos ever, and so on.

You can also discover the following income opportunities in this section:

  • Hits by Engaged (you can earn by installing a software that will play videos automatically)
  • Make a click with your mouse (get paid to click on ads delivered as push notifications in your browser)
  • Get paid to search (depending on where you reside, you can earn up to $0.01 each online search).
  • Earn money by watching YouTube videos.
  • Slideshows from the news

The amazing thing about the content section is that no matter where you live, you can always find opportunities to generate money here.

Some of the options in this part won’t pay you a lot of money, but many of us watch slideshows, news, and other such things anyhow, and the activities are generally simple and quick to do.

Make Extra Cash by Micro-taks:

Tasks is a section of Timebucks that is simply titled “Tasks.” You can earn money by downloading apps, watching YouTube videos, accessing specific websites, and following people on social media, among other things. The jobs are usually quick, but not all of them are worth your effort.

Because not everyone pays you fairly for your time, these projects are designed by other Timebucks members. So pick your tasks carefully.

You may always choose the tasks you wish to complete, review the conditions, and pay before beginning. And, if you choose carefully, it might be a simple method to supplement your income.

Make Extra Cash by Getting cash back when shopping online

This option is also available through TimeBucks, so it can be a wonderful way to earn/save money if you already shop online. If you ever shop on Ali Express, you can use this option.

TimeBucks does not have as many possibilities as other of the best cashback sites, but it does have some decent options if you shop at Ali Express. So, if you ever do that, this area is a fantastic place to start.

make extra cash

Make Extra Cash by Inviting people to join

You can earn a commission by inviting other people to join TimeBucks. You will be paid in five stages. That implies you’ll be paid commissions for the people who are suggested by your referred people. A little commission is preferable than a large commission.
commissions for timebucks referrals

You earn commissions for referring others. It can build up and be a terrific method to earn if you invite a lot of people who end up inviting a lot of people. It offers a good referral program compared to many other similar sites because it has five levels.
So, if you join and enjoy using it, it’s a good idea to start inviting others to join as well.

Make Extra Cash by  : Timebucks weekly sweepstake

Every time you log in to Timebucks, you will receive 100 entries; for any assignment you complete, you will receive 1 entry for every $0.001 you earn; and for each person you invite to join, you will receive 200 entries.

Furthermore, downloading the Timebucks Sweepstakes software is an easy method to obtain a lot of extra entries quietly.

You will receive 100 free Sweepstakes entries every 10 minutes simply by using the software. Just keep in mind that it’s only compatible with Windows PCs right now. It’s available for download in Timebucks’ Sweepstakes section.

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Payment method

As you can see, TimeBucks offers a variety of ways to earn money. You will be rewarded in cash every time you complete a task on the platform. But how can you spend or obtain money once you have earned it? At the time of writing, TimeBucks accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Payeer, AirTM, bank transfer, and Skrill as payment methods.

They used to offer PayPal as well, but that option is no longer available because PayPal does not appear to accept sites like Timebucks. However, in my opinion, this is not a major issue because the other Timebucks payment methods are just as good, and you can still get paid in cash if you choose.

So, if you like, you can still obtain your earnings in cash or gift cards if you choose an option like AirTM. In some ways, the payout options have gotten more flexible, and they now accept bank transfers (through TransferWise), which is unusual for a GPT site.

Once you’ve earned $10, you’ll get rewarded, which is a nice low payout barrier. It’s good to be able to request a reimbursement right away rather of having to wait until you’ve earned a lot more, as some other survey sites require.

Once you’ve met the payout threshold, your reward will be immediately paid out, and Timebucks processes payouts once a week. You can, however, choose to defer your payment until you manually request the money out if you want to wait till you have more money.

So TimeBucks has some really decent and flexible payout options and conditions.
I’ve been paid by them several times, and everything works perfectly. It’s absolutely a legitimate and safe service, and you can bet on getting paid without issue, in my experience.

make extra cash

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Access to a wide range of opportunities
  • Ability to join and receive opportunities from nearly every country
  • Some unique features not found on other websites
  • Pays in cash
  • Has a variety of amazing payment ways to select from
  • There are some opportunities with poor payoffs.

In general, I enjoy TimeBucks, and it is a legitimate website. I think it’s fantastic that it provides some unique and intriguing chances, as well as those for nations where finding survey opportunities is typically tough.

However, some of these offer very little payouts. However, many of the activities are things we do online anyhow, and it might be fantastic to get compensated for doing them. So whether or not it is worthwhile for you to join depends on your expectations and whether or not the opportunities on TimeBucks appeal to you.

How much money can you make?

How much money you can make is determined by a variety of factors. First and foremost, decide how much time you want to spend on TimeBucks and how many possibilities you want to take advantage of.

It will also depend on where you live in the world. There will be more surveys and wall offerings in some countries than in others. However, because there are so many different ways to generate money, and many of them are not dependent on your location, everyone may make some additional money.

It will, however, be easier for you to earn if you live in a country where surveys and offers on offerwalls are available on a regular basis. You can also invite others to join regardless of where you reside, which can be a terrific way to make extra money.

Getting a Timebucks premium membership is another option to boost your earnings. Whether or not this is worthwhile depends entirely on how much you are already making on

Premium membership is $4.95 a week and gives you 25% more prizes on all surveys, offers, and tasks you complete (excluding referral earnings and bonuses). So it’s a significant rise, but it also comes with a cost. As a result, it will not be a good investment for everyone.

If you’re already generating more than $20 per week on Timebucks, the premium membership will pay for itself. However, if you earn less, you should not be eligible for the premium.

However, you should be aware that, like with any other survey or GPT site, you should not expect to make a life from it. You can earn some extra cash on the side, but you will be disappointed if you expect to become wealthy.


TimeBucks is definitely NOT a scam but is a legit GPT site with quite a lot of earning options.

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