Make money on Instagram : Grow your followers Organically

Make money on Instagram | How to grow Instagram followers organically? 

The hacks for how to stand out amongst the large crowd on Instagram, so if that sounds like something you’re interested in, please keep reading. The first tip I’m going to give you for standing out among the crowds on Instagram is probably a bit controversial; not even probably, I know it’s a controversial one; people disagree on this all the time, but this is what I believe, so I’m just going to go for it and give you this tip.

Have a visually appealing feed : Make money on Instagram

Make money on Instagram : Grow your followers Organically

The first is to have an aesthetically pleasing feed; however, I say this is controversial because some other Instagram gurus, Instagram experts, and coaches do not necessarily believe that this is something that you require. I think everyone has their own personal opinion on it and I can only tell you what has worked well for me what’s worked well for my clients.

But also how I act on the platform and how my clients and my friends and my colleagues how they use the platform and the feedback that I get from them in regards to what actually helps a page stand out to them; and what potentially convinces them to eventually follow these pages.

The reason why I feel like a necessity fees and feed is something that actually really helps you stand out is because as we’ve already established; as you all know that a lot of different people on Instagram are of active users every month and there are going to be a lot of channels who are similar to you and post similar content to whatever niche you’re in right now.

If you present that content in a really aesthetically pleasing way so you’ve got a really great preset that you use across all your content or you have a really great layout style; like my personal favorite is the grid style.

Create a feed which is really cohesive and just easy on the eye now when you’re browsing different Instagram pages within a specific niche if you see four Instagram pages which are all posting similar content one of them has amazing really pretty feed and the other ones don’t the chances are that feed what looks really amazing and really pretty and really aesthetically pleasing that one is going to stand out.

Having a really amazing pretty feed is usually going to help you stand out against your competition and potentially go towards you converting that visitor to a follower.

Share your reals onto your grid : Make money on Instagram

My next tip for standing on Instagram is to share your reals onto your grid. Well you may not know what I mean by this but basically when you create reels you have the option to either share that reel specifically to your reels tab or to show it to your grid and to your reals tab.

The reason why I think you should share this to your grid as well as your reals tab is because of the recent announcements made by Instagram; but essentially what happened is that the head of Instagram came out and was like look the data has spoken people want reals people love to be entertained and the most entertaining feature on Instagram’s platform is reals.

People are dialing up reels they’re pushing reels out and rails so what that is telling me is that Instagram users like to view reals if you are going hard on your real strategy; well done to you congrats very proud of you; but if you’re going hard on your real strategy and you’re posting these amazing reels every other day and they’re only going to your reals tab,

What do you think is going to happen when someone new lands on your profile and doesn’t see any of your reals because when you land on someone’s profile unless you’ve come from the real section if you’ve come the normal kind of native way where you’ve just clicked on someone’s profile what you see is their grid section first and even though you’ll see that there’s a little rules tab there which indicates that that person has reals.

You don’t actually get to see how many reels you’re posting nor do you necessarily see them when you’re scrolling down because they’re not on your grids page they’re only on your reals page.

If Instagram are saying that people want to see reels more often they love to be entertained you are missing out on the opportunity to show this new visitor hey not only does my grid look sick but I also post loads of reals you’re missing out the opportunity to really show those off so that’s why I think it’s also it’s a no-brainer like it literally takes no additional time so I don’t see what any reason for you not to be posting on both.

Sometimes people don’t like to post on both because they think it messes with their aesthetic which links to my previous point where it never has to mess with your aesthetic if you’re smart about it you can do your own covers for reals.

I recommend that you do whether that’s a graphic or whether that’s just a photo that you’ve taken specifically to cover your real there are things that you can do which would help tie in your real post to your overall feed.

Nail your Bio : Make money on Instagram

This one’s super important because essentially when people are browsing through Instagram pages and they land on your page they need to know who you are what you’re about what value you’re offering straight away you’ve got to communicate that in the most impactful and succinct way that you possibly can if you’re wondering.

And your hashtag strategy to your content to your feed including your bio and I have a whole section on your bio where I analyze whether you’re effectively communicating your value offering and basically whether you’re having the most impactful bio as you possibly can so if you would like an outsider’s opinion I recommend checking that out but if not and you don’t want to hear my opinion on it then have a look at your own bio and just critically analyze.

And how you can audit your bio more thoroughly, but in a nutshell, to stand out on Instagram, you need to fix the most eye-catching profile photo and a bio that accurately describes what you do. What exactly do you stand for?

And you’ll need a great link in your bio. You don’t have to link only to your website because you have one. You can use the link in bio to aggregate different links to different sections of your website that you want to be talking about.

Make your posts Bigger : Make money on Instagram

Make money on Instagram : Grow your followers Organically

my next tip for you is to make your posts bigger so a few years ago maybe one or two years ago Instagram updated their formatting options so that when you post on Instagram; you could actually post in a bunch of different specs.

Specs just mean like measurements now the thing is with that changes a lot of people didn’t really clock onto it and people only really utilize the full length and the full width and length of your Instagram post that they now allow when they’re posting photos of themselves; people don’t often use it when they’re posting things like graphics.

I still use the good old one which is like the square for all of my posts and the tip here is to stop doing that and to actually use the full width and length that Instagram allow you to use.

By doing this what this means is that when someone is scrolling through their home feed or scrolling through you know when you click on your explore feed and you just scroll through it if you’re using the full width and length, your post is going to take up almost their entire screen which means that you do not need to share that screen with anyone else.

What better way to stand out against your competition is than to actually quite literally take over their screen space like it is the best way to do it, so the maximum aspect ratio on Instagram post now is four-five which when you break that down by pixels it’s 1080 by 1350.

Now I’ll put a little graphic there so you can see what I mean, so that is the maximum size that you can actually upload a photo in on Instagram, and I recommend using it to keep some screen space from your competitors.

Content layer Technique : Make money on Instagram

The next and final tip I want to give you for today’s article is actually called my content layering technique now in this article I discuss it in the context of different growth tactics that you can use on Instagram which is going to help you grow in 2022.

In today’s article I’m obviously using in the context of how you’re going to stand out amongst your different accounts on the Instagram right; so how you use this technique in general and how to stand out against your other people on the ground is essentially by uploading carousels.

But by being really strategic with the order in which you upload the content on your carousels; so the first photo that you want on your carousel is supposed to be your attention grabbing photo.

Usually I talk about a photo of yourself or a photo of a person because usually as humans we are attracted to photos of other humans that’s what makes us stop scrolling but for you that might be different like I work with clients and sometimes they’re like actually photos of my products do better than anything else.


Because I would more likely stop scrolling for a dog than I would for a human and photos of dog actually, so figure out which type of photo or what content actually lands the best in terms of grabbing people’s attention and usually the metrics for looking; if you’re trying to find out which of your content catches people’s attention, the most it’s probably like it’s because likes is what stops them scrolling and where they can really quickly give a double tap to signal that they’ve appreciated that content.

So figure out which of your content and grabs your audience attention the most and then place that at the front of your carousel you then want to layer the rest of your content based on what else is going to retain their attention; what’s going to keep them interested and then you want to conclude with something that’s going to basically be a call to action.

Within that, it also works really well if you use something shareable, such as a quote, because that is something that people are likely to share on their stories, which will help you get more reach. As a result, if you want to stand out from your competitors, start being creative with how you layer your content because it will help you stand out from your fellow Instagrammers; thank you for reading this article.

— Susanna Tips and tricks

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