The 14 Growing Industries You Need to Know

The 14 Growing Industries You Need to Know | List of future growing industries business ideas for upcoming era

Many economics or tech professionals can confidently say that the jumps being made in our entire global economic system have been faster and larger than ever before in the last few years. What they think the economy will be like in 20 years.

As new technologies become more prevalent, new horizons open up and new industries emerge that we hadn’t considered before. Being able to predict these changes will be the most important factor in your decision to pursue a specific career or invest in one industry over another. That’s why we thought we’d imagine which way the ship is sailing together, so here are 14 growing industries.

The 14 Growing Industries You Need to Know

Robotics : Future Growing Industries

For some years, an increasing number of warehouses and manufacturing factories have employed robots as part of their labor. Now we have Sophia, the Saudi Arabian humanoid who was the first robot to obtain national citizenship.

There are robots entertaining the elderly in Japanese retirement homes; and, very soon, we’ll have robots as our friends, coworkers, and in-house assistants blood on my mat handle it, which is why we now have Robot relationship researchers to determine what set of rules will shape our interactions with Robots. Some people may be concerned that robots may one day take our jobs, but if you work in the huge field of robotics, that is not something you need be concerned about


There are numerous ways in which breakthroughs in the science of Nanotechnology hold our expectations as a species. Today, there is a lot of research going on in the subject, with applications ranging from medicine to agriculture. The prospects for using nanotechnology to speed up bone cell formation are being investigated.

The detection of cancer cells, the creation of self-cleaning surfaces, and the implementation of healthier and more effective irrigation techniques; all of this potential suggests that nanotechnology’s future is only one way: limitless progress.


In the same way that genetics is becoming more and more affordable, Drone technology is becoming more and more accessible. Drones are already being used in everyday non-military tasks such as photography, journalism, and Amazon’s delivery service.

The 14 Growing Industries You Need to Know

However, the future is all for drones, and they will be used in everything from agriculture to delivering emergency aid to victims of heart attacks. As they continue to gain intelligence of their own, it won’t be long before law enforcement agencies start using them for patrol and letting these flying hawks do their job.

Cyber security

We’ve already discussed two businesses that will make our entire existence increasingly reliant on computer systems, putting us at greater risk of cyber attacks. Without proper cyber security systems, hackers can already access bank accounts, steal classified state information, freeze entire companies, and obtain our personal information, even though they will soon have potential access to everything connected to the internet, which will include almost everything around us from our homes to our cars to hospital medical equipment.

As more items in our daily lives become connected, the cyber security business will become even more vital as our only hope for real security in the future. This industry will be our main bulwark against humanity’s future hopes becoming real nightmares.

Internet of Things

Previously, most of us only used the internet while we were on our computers; however, it began to make its way to our mobile phones, then our video gaming consoles, and now we’re on our way to not needing to announce “I’m on the internet” any longer.

I didn’t see it coming, but almost everything we use indoors and out, from our refrigerators and washing machines to our power supply and home security systems, will be connected to the internet.

That’s why knowledge of networks, data communication, and software will be required in almost every industry. To obtain a competitive advantage in the market, the manufacturing, construction, and service industries will be on the lookout for new internet-based methods to incorporate into their products. The internet of things will truly include practically all of the items Because internet is so helpful – and tech geniuses will be the ones assisting to operate our complete surroundings.

Artificial Intelligence : Future Robotic Industries

Google tracks our every move. We let Amazon guide us through the enormous aisles of the digital market, while Facebook learns our tastes. We ask Siri to locate us nearby places to eat, and we let Facebook learn our preferences. Since the machines began to acquire their own knowledge, they have made great strides in developing true human consciousness.

Today, we are on the cusp of an era in which we will travel in self-driving cars, work alongside robots, read books written by robots, and listen to music generated by machines; some of us are already doing some of these things “Alexa, can you pour me a cup of water”!

The 14 Growing Industries You Need to Know

What the field of artificial intelligence will become one of the most vibrant arenas for endless experimentation in the coming decades; also, as everything becomes connected thanks to the internet of things, more and more data related to our behavior will be collected, and machines will have an infinite amount of material to learn from; don’t forget that artificial intelligence is not only a field that is exclusive to computer science; We’re talking about developing minds that are equivalent to ours, if not vastly more powerful.

They will live with us, talk to us, and have an impact on us, making computer scientists as interested as psychologists, philosophers, politicians, and managers in the field. Others will create it, while others will witness it and decide how we shall live with it.

Genomics : Future Robotic Industries

In 2003, the US-based human Genome Project, which had been underway since 1990, was ultimately able to sequence and map the human genetic code. This initiative cost three billion dollars; if it had remained at that price, the industry would have been doomed because few individuals would have been prepared to invest in something so costly; but, nowadays, sequencing a genome can cost as little as a thousand dollars.

Today, the field of genomics is at its most energized, with players such as Bill Gates and Google investing billions of dollars; with research becoming more facilitated, genomics is expanding to completely transform our understanding of the human body’s components,

Our ability to cure and nurture it, our safeguard against cancer and diabetes, and even our hope to quickly adapt our bodies to the sky-high rates of change in our environment. That’s an industry that’s anticipated to be worth more than $20 billion in 2022, which is less than a year away.

Virtual Reality

The ability to recreate particular circumstances and environments without incurring the costs and risks of a real-life experience opens up a gold mine of potential applications that we could or could not anticipate at the time. Virtual reality technology is already being utilized by armed forces to instruct soldiers who are completing driver’s license exams, as well as in video games.

Virtual reality is also being used by companies to train their personnel, such as Exxon Mobil, which uses the technology to instruct its engineers and field workers on fuel production processes, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Renewable Energy

For several years, an increasing number of people have been experiencing existential panic as a result of the climate change that is occurring as a result of our two centuries of use of fossil fuels as our primary source of energy.

As more people become aware of the magnitude of the global warming threat, governments, businesses, and private individuals have begun to shift their reliance on renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. According to some projections, renewable energy will supply nearly 100 percent of the power required to run the world’s economy by 2050, owing to the internet of things development.

Sharing economy

We’re heading toward a world where we won’t own anything at all; we’re learning that renting whatever we can give up on ownership is often cheaper and more efficient. We’ve been doing it more with automobile rides as more people use sharing services like Uber, and we’ve been doing it with real estate rental businesses like Airbnb.

More services are already embracing the new sharing paradigm, with apps for renting household appliances, office space, and even leisure boats being developed. More individuals are connected thanks to smartphones, and thus have access to these services on both the supplier and customer sides.


As we move toward a future that is more reliant on innovation than on formal college certificates, where the value of your knowledge is determined by what you can create rather than what degrees you have, and e-learning is facilitated by all of the technologies mentioned above, e-learning is unquestionably the future of education.

The 14 Growing Industries You Need to Know

With more people using the internet than ever before, and virtual reality and artificial intelligence applications becoming more prevalent in our daily lives, creating more engaging, customizable, and effective learning experiences will make e-learning the primary mode of instruction in the not-too-distant future.

Big Data : Future Growing Industries

You’ve probably noticed that data is employed in some form in almost every sector we’ve discussed. Artificial intelligence systems learn from data, thus good data will be required first and foremost to improve the efficiency of our economic judgments.

Those who can effectively collect and analyze data will be major players in the future economy. In a multitude of industries, such as marketing, healthcare, and politics, data scientists are increasingly becoming crucial players.

3D printing

3D printing technologies now comprise a wide range of materials, allowing consumers to make their own spare parts and stationary items at home while also providing businesses with new construction and automobile production options.

Will it be the end of mass production if this technology allows us to see a future where manufacturing is democratized? Perhaps, but that’s a little far-fetched. What we do know is that 3d printing will alter our manufacturing capabilities and costs, allowing us to produce our own things in the comfort of our own homes. All we can be certain of is that 3d printing will be the tool of our new industrial era, cutting a substantial portion of a company’s building and manufacturing expenditures.


Blockchain Technology

The term blockchain has grown increasingly widespread as a result of the bitcoin craze that has swept the world’s financial markets in recent years. It is the decentralized public ledger technology at the heart of cryptocurrencies, but it has a wide range of applications.

Without a doubt, blockchain is the technology that has the capacity to establish a decentralized comprehensive ecosystem that will make all of the other industries we listed more secure and efficient.

Companies are launching on the blockchain to put our finances, research, identity management, and even voting processes on the blockchain; it’s essentially the new face of the internet, and blockchain innovations will become among the most valuable contributions anyone can make to the future economy. In the comments, let us know what other industries you think will characterize the next era.

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